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Want someone who understands how SEO, PPC, and digital marketing in Atlanta can make or break your small business and how it all crosses over well into technology? If that’s you, then let’s get the conversation going! I regularly create and implement strategies for SEM, SEO, and PPC for a variety of verticals.

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I Help Local Atlanta Small Businesses Grow in the Following Ways

Local SEO

Making sure your business shows up well in search results is really important to me. I provide a free SEO site audit and consultation on how you can climb up the search results in less time just like you’d get from an Atlanta digital marketing agency, since I’ve worked at a few myself! I can also handle the CTR optimizations and much more! Let me know what your needs are!

Social Media Marketing

The key to leveraging branding and search engine optimization is also having a solid digital marketing strategy on social media platforms. I’m an expert at setting up accounts in Google My Business, and can also run your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter feeds too! I’m also familiar with both Hootsuite and Sendible. 

PPC Advertising

Whether it’s Google Ads or Bing, you can trust me to help you navigate through even the most confusing parts of these tools no problem! Click-through-rates, conversions, CPC costs. Talk to me if none of these terms make sense! Before you know it, you’ll be doing much better as an Atlanta business owner with the ability to generate 10x more leads. 

Web Development & Design

I also know solve problems with fixing issues you might have on your website, so you’re not only getting a digital marketer on your team but someone who understands the connection between the two mediums. I worked at a web development and web design startup, so I know firsthand what happens and how it all works! I’m familiar with WordPress and Squarespace too!

Content Marketing

Content is the foundation for SEO, social media, and much more. Whether you need social media marketing copy or optimized SEO pages, I’m on it. I keep the language as simple and easy to understand as possible with only the top proofreading tools available. Grammarly Premium and Hemmingway Editor are my top favorites!  

Monthly Reports

Every month, I examine what’s going on in your SEO, PPC, and content marketing campaigns and provide my analysis on what’s going on, so you won’t be left in the dark at all! Things can always change in the digital marketing industry and of course, in the Atlanta area, and you need an expert who can keep up with all the changes and make adjustments as needed! 

Passion Like No Other. Results-Driven Digital Marketing. No Guessing! 

I am continually becoming better and better at what I do everyday. It’s so difficult these days to find qualified digital marketers who not only “talk the talk”, but can actually produce results for businesses over and over again. I’ve worked in a variety of verticals including small businesses, e-commerce, and nonprofits respectively. 

I’m no one-trick pony. Whether you need substantial SEO consultation or even a new SEO-optimized website in WordPress complete with title tag optimization and site speed tune-ups, I’ll work hard to make sure everything is to your utmost satisfaction.

Furthermore, I’ve helped a variety of clients achieve success in increasing their conversions with the work I’ve produced. From larger corporations to small businesses, I understand what it takes to succeed in any niche of your choosing.

I don’t look at Atlanta digital marketing services as some colossal monolith. You have to have the whole package for it to work effectively honestly. Your content has to fit with your branding and you have to be willing to do things better than your competitors are. You can’t get that level of commitment and passion from just anyone. I’m here and ready to work hard to do the best I can to help your business succeed and hit your sales goals! Check out my Portfolio page for a small sample of what I can do for your business or company!

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Quick FAQs for Business Owners in Atlanta Digital Marketing

You probably have a few questions about what digital marketing is and how it can help your business grow. Here are my answers to your questions.

Do I Need to Have a Ton of Links to Start Getting Traffic?

Conventional wisdom in SEO says that would be the case. However, from my experience, it all depends on the business and the niche the company is in.

I’ve worked on several sites that received a ton of traffic just because the content and website design was far superior than its competitors.

Kind of like how everyone back in the day preferred the original Coca-Cola, one of the best products created in the state of Georgia, over New Coke.

White Hat or Black Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is really easy to get for your Atlanta business. It’s all the ethical tactics and techniques used to get your website ranking higher in search engine results.

More than ever, Google pays attention to how decent the content is on your site, but it’s also about making sure your website loads quickly and that the site is clean and well-coded.

Black hat SEO, however, consists of buying spam links and doing anything possible to game the system. It does have short-term benefits, however, the long-term consequences just aren’t worth the risk of Google taking down your site entirely from their search engine results. Ted Turner didn’t get to where he is now by trying to cheat.

People like him worked extremely hard to build their brand and gain a following for properties like CNN and Cartoon Network. Whenever you want to make it to the top of your game, remember what made Williams Street a local household name in entertainment. You need this attitude to make it big, and I can help!

How Do I Get More Traffic Faster?

Search engine optimization takes a lot of time for it to really start working, but if you wanted to get faster results in your SEO, it all goes back to having a comprehensive keyword research strategy in place. Keyword research is about going through your competitors and seeing which keywords are the most deciding factors in them getting the most relevant traffic, emphasis on the relevant part.

Yes, you can rank for a whole ton of keywords, but if they aren’t relevant for your business, then what’s the point? You need to target keywords with the right buyer intent in order to start seeing the conversions that you want.

The payoff will be worth it when you’ll have more than enough to take your whole family to the Georgia Aquarium or the Atlanta Botanical Garden and finally have the money to go on the vacation you’ve always wanted.

Is PPC Worth the Time?

Paid Search has an even bigger role to play than ever with your digital marketing. It’s actually the greatest supplement you can have for your SEO campaigns because SEO can take quite a while to get going. While your site is sitting there with fresh, new content, I always recommend driving leads and sales with PPC platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, and even Instagram. 

In short, PPC is worth it if you have a decently-sized budget to spend, at least $1000-$1500 to start with the intention to scale. To save as much as possible on advertising costs, you also need to make sure that your keywords are the most profitable you can find.

Insights from Roberto on SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, and More! 

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