This post has been updated for 2023 and beyond and was originally written in 2018:

For the past year or so, I’ve gotten quite familiar with how Divi theme works. Not only is it something I work with on a daily basis when I’m working on client websites at my current job, but it’s also the same tool I used to develop this entire website myself. There are many WordPress themes out there, and I’ve gone through my fair share of them. The earlier versions of used a few of these themes, but what I never liked about them came down to this: difficulty with customizations.

That’s where so many of these themes sadly fall short. You buy them from websites like Envato, and then discover they’re filled with all this junk you don’t need to have in the first place. Furthermore, some of them tend to load quite slowly on the browser, which is a massive no-no for search engine optimization. In a time where speed is more important than ever, you can’t have a slow website eating up time. You do a disservice for both yourself and your audience when you go this route.

That’s why I bought the Divi theme and the builder from the beginning. I knew I wanted to build a super fast website which could help improve my SEO rankings simultaneously. There are several reasons why I like using Divi so much for the sites I work on from personal experience.

1. Super Easy to Use

With Divi Builder, you can get right to work as soon as you install the theme and the builder on your WordPress website. You have the option of selecting from a bunch of pre-built themes or starting from scratch. Since I like to add my personal touch to the projects I work on, I choose to start from scratch and then test the websites as I go along to make sure they work across all devices.

When I was redesigning my website, I already got this nice blank slate to work on once I installed the theme and the builder. It didn’t take me too long to start getting the exact custom look I wanted for my website without the need to spend enormous amounts of time trying to debug as much code. More recently, I’ve been playing around with one of my other websites Adword Vigilante, which was built on a completely different builder and what really sucks is having to meddle with PHP to get a basic blog going. Divi Theme always had really nice blog modules right out of the box, so another point for Divi even if it’s not the fastest builder out there. I still like it overall.

2. Tons of Amazing Documentation

What sets Divi apart from other themes is its wide range of documentation covered. You can watch tons of tutorials on just about anything you’re having trouble with. This way, it’s possible for you to make a whole website with Divi from scratch even if you’re a complete novice to web design or SEO. You can learn anything when you read the documentation for yourself. There’s also an excellent YouTube channel run by the folks at Elegant Themes which accompanies many of tutorials you’ll find. Sweet, isn’t it?

3. Very Affordable

Similar builders would have cost me more than $200 to purchase. I’m looking at you, Beaver Builder and Elementor. With Divi, I was able to get a yearly subscription to everything I could ever need for just $89! It was shocking to see such a low price for such a super powerful theme and builder, but I knew I couldn’t pass such a deal up when I saw it. Plus, when you sign up for the yearly plan, you also get a huge discount when you decide to upgrade to a lifetime Divi membership, which I still have to this very day, along with a lifetime Oxygen subscription. Both platforms have saved me tons of money over the years and have kept my web design and web development costs down significantly. Thank you so much, Elegant Themes for all the hard work you put into this builder. And Divi VIP customer support is only $8 a month and they’re usually super quick and helpful!

4. Incredible Community Included

Whenever I needed help with a technical problem with Divi, I was able to find a super supportive Facebook group filled with Divi veterans and web design experts. They were fully supportive when I told them I completed the redesign of this website on my own without help in 3 days. It brought such a smile to my face when I saw all that support rush in, and to also have the opportunity to motivate and encourage other people to try out Divi for themselves.

5. Compatible with Additional WordPress Plugins

What also makes Divi so cool is the many modifications you can make to the theme just by purchasing plugins such as Divi Booster. These plugins give you even more options to play around with Divi and create the one-of-a-kind website you’ve wanted all along, but never had the time to see your vision through.


Are you looking for a great way to get your feet in web design and SEO, but lack the tools necessary to produce incredible websites in WordPress? I highly recommend Divi and Divi Builder for anyone looking to get an edge on their WordPress skills. You get access to one of the most potent themes and plugins on the market, coupled with some of the best support you’ll find too for what you’re paying for.

Divi Black Friday deals are also a great way to get this theme for so much less. That’s when I bought my lifetime subscription originally and haven’t regretted it one bit!

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