Sometimes we all have that inner voice that is always trying to put us down, making you engage in overthinking behavior! No matter how well you did or performed in a contest, a play, or anything else you want in life, your inner voice will be your biggest critic.

It will tell you lies such as:

“Your voice is too deep. These people are never gonna like you!”

“The people you talked to, nah, you should throw in the towel, bub!”

“Stop bothering with this process; you’ll never make it!”

“Why are you working so hard? Just chill, be lazy, watch TV. You’ll never be anything in this world!”

Yup, we’ve all been there. The self-doubt and impostor syndrome are enemies we must deal with daily. No matter how many years of experience you have as a marketer, that inner voice is always there waiting to put you down.

I struggle with it to this day. I’m doing all these insane blog posts, showing off who I am to the world. I’m thinking, Roberto, what are you doing, man? No one is gonna read or understand any of this! Just throw in the towel, it’s ok.

And I’m having an inner monologue with myself, debunking the nonsense coming from a side that wants to sabotage my success and get me into overthinking mode.

How To Overcome Overthinking and Second Guessing Yourself as a Digital Marketer

Part of the value of doing tons of job interviews is that you realize how much you underestimate your abilities. You suddenly remember things you did years ago that weren’t a big deal to you then. Only to find out later it was a big deal.

I made the mistake of being too humble about myself. Even now, I don’t have an ego or don’t think I do. I want to be the very best version of myself, but it’s to help my family level up. If it were up to me, I’d still be an artist, painting and drawing all day, but I did what I could to make ends meet in this field.

To best overcome the overthinking, write down all the biggest wins you’ve had in life. For me, this was overcoming a bunch of challenges like:

1. Learning to talk. I almost couldn’t speak, but it was a miracle that I learned to do so despite the odds.
2. Walking when everyone said that it was going to be nearly impossible. I had my aunt help me out there. I was dealt a bad hand in life, but I used that to push myself hard constantly to get where I want to be.
3. Moving to place to place, but still happy and grateful for everything I have.
4. Learning all these different entrepreneurial skills over the years and am still pursuing a long-term career in this field.
5. Drawing twice or three times a day consistently on Instagram for up to two years until I got tired and wanted to move on to something else. I had over 1,000 followers on there by the end. I even did tons of figure drawing for a while. It was an enjoyable but demanding activity, but it was all to level up as an artist.
6. Knowing when to cut toxic people off several times and have the guts to realize when websites don’t align with my values.
7. Learning to get better at doing interviews is a win, even if no offers come immediately. It was the process I enjoyed, not the outcomes themselves.

And these are just some of the many “wins” I could think of. This might look different for you, but you see where I’m getting at?


This is a beneficial technique to remind yourself of how far you’ve come as a person. It’s easy to think you’re not good enough or not ready when you are! And you’ll have other people be amazed by what you say and do and how you carry yourself.

You can still do amazing things at big companies, even if you are shy or introverted. Don’t give up or be discouraged because of this.

Put your name out there and then shove it in everyone’s face as to how hard you will work.

It’s not about what you say, but what you do, demonstrating you got the “cojones” as I’ve been talking about lately.

By Doing This, You Are Reconditioning Your Brain to Stop

Doing what I advise does work. It works because you’re stopping the amygdala from activating all the time. That’s why we get so nervous and don’t know what to say. If you can stop that negative feedback loop, you will find a lot of success.

Once you end that cycle, your life will start changing and you’ll stop overthinking. New people will come into your sphere and help you level up. The person who interviews you next might become your new mentor and see potential and greatness in you. One never knows how things go.

All I know is that I want to keep moving forward no matter what. I want to make my family proud and have a story I can tell my potential future children and grandchildren about. I want to tell them the story of a man who overcame his lack of confidence to get a fantastic gig that opened many doors. This is not for me, but for them and to build generational wealth.

And that’s the note I want to end on. I’ve rambled for long enough. Good day!