Hey guys, I know it’s been a long time, four years to be exact since my last blog post on here, but I finally got around to making several updates to the website, one of many more to come. What happened to me you ask? Not much. I’ve always maintained an interest in online marketing and in fact, continued to use such skills for myself. It’s just that I chose to focus more on family life and getting into other things I’ve always wanted to do with my life, not all successful but I still had a good time with it all, so no harm done. 

And also this site became one of those afterthoughts over those years. I would still come in and update it occasionally to make sure WordPress and all that stuff was up to date, but I left the content exactly as is.

Updates, Failures, and Other Interesting Things

I even grew an Instagram account I had to over 1000 followers in a year or two but then decided to drop that venture for example when I realized the space I was in just wasn’t for me. Drawing and art are some of the most competitive things I’ve ever done and I have countless stories about that, oh boy! But that’s not the main topic of this post.

I also got fed up with LinkedIn for a while and was sick and tired of the constant spam and other annoying influencer types on there, so I dropped that site for a while too, but might make a comeback on there soon so who knows. I’ve also had to make sacrifices and do what I felt was right for my situation, meeting new people, losing contact with others, you know how that goes. No matter what, however, I’ve always had this domain up and continued to have hosting on here. I’ve changed hosting providers a few times, but I’m very happy with what I have now. All my sites load fairly quickly and perform well as a result.

Upcoming Changes to My Site for Search Engine Optimization

In the next coming weeks, you are going to see changes to this site, mainly from an SEO perspective and my other website too, Adword Vigilante, more focused on pay per click advertising, which I built on Oxygen rather than Divi, both site builders I have lifetime access to, making site creation so much cheaper long term. I want to play around with the site some more and see what I can do to get it to start ranking for things once more. It seems like if you don’t update your site for a long time, Google will think that you’re not in business anymore so your SEO will slowly decline.

It’s not the worst thing anymore and I’m sure with time the trend can be reversed. On the bright side, you have a very aged domain so a lot of the stuff you might wanna try out will work much better than if you scrapped the whole site and started over again.

I really took my skill set to the next level this year and got my hands as dirty as I could. There’s so much misinformation out there about online marketing, so I had to forget a ton of things I thought I knew and listen to people who actually know what they’re talking about and implement their teachings directly on sites I’ve made and worked on.

Most Important Digital Marketing Takeaways

The most important thing however is that I’ve gained way more confidence in myself than I ever had before. Since streamlining my workflow and getting faster and faster at these things, so has my confidence and the results I’ve gotten. While I’m still an introvert in real life and still get the occasional stage fright, I’ve worked hard to overcome many insecurities and demons I had that were stopping me from achieving what I really want most in life.

So join me on this journey to see if I can bring some life back into this site, fix some lingering issues I’ve always wanted to fix, and see if I can apply everything I’ve learned over the years to get this site back on track! Thank you for reading!