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Are you currently having a hard time converting people who land on your site? Part of the problem might be because your content hasn’t been optimized well enough to speak to the needs of your audience. I can help!

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Content is King in Digital Marketing!

You can’t have an effective digital marketing campaign without good content. I don’t mean the kind of stuff you can get cheap on Textbroker or Fiverr. I mean real content that closely matches the style, tone, and direction of your brand. Think about it. You’re in business primarily to start a healthy conversation among your audience. You can’t do that without good enough, authoritative content to back you up here!

The best content always matches the search intent of the audience that you want to appeal to. That’s why it’s also essential to leverage content marketing so you can maximize your SEO marketing efforts. Also, content doesn’t just mean writing a bunch of blog posts either. It can include anything from infographics to case studies that provide valuable information to your readers and can be easily shared on social media. A whopping 90-95% of all content on the web goes unseen and unshared, so it doesn’t have the chance to make the impact as you’d like it to.

How Content Marketing Works for Atlanta Small Businesses! 

Content marketing is straightforward on the surface, but there’s a lot that goes into creating good content. Here’s a brief overview of what I do when I create new content and copywriting for clients.

1. Send a Business Questionnaire for Your Small Business

I’ll have the client fill out a brief business questionnaire so I can get a sense of what their industry is, what their niche is, and who their competitors are.

2. Determine Your Content Requirements and Style

I’ll check to see what the client needs regarding new content. Like if they need a brand new sitemap filled with new content, an infographic, some blog posts, etc. It all depends on what the client needs at the time to make their other digital marketing strategies work well too.

3. Create Your Content or Copywriting Pieces

Once the client and I have come to an agreement, I begin working on the new content and then send the content back for any revisions, changes, and suggestions.

4. Social Media Promotion of Your Content

I will assist with any social media marketing and promotion of the content developed for the website since I’m also a social media marketing expert with tons of experience navigating LinkedIn and figuring out how Facebook operates.

What Kind of Content Can I Produce?

The kind of content that you can expect to get from me can include a whole host of things including:

    • Press Releases
    • Blog Post Articles and Long-Form Content
    • Website Page Copy
    • Infographics
    • Website Meta Descriptions
    • PPC Ad Copy

And much more! Just send me an email at if you want to know more about what I can do to help your business grow in digital marketing and content marketing.

Atlanta Content Marketing Benefits

Content marketing remains one of the most underrated kinds of digital marketing today, but more businesses are starting to realize how important it can be. Content marketing helps your business grow in several ways.

    • Content Marketing Enhances Your SEO Strategy
    • Content Marketing Can Bring More Website Traffic
    • You Can Go Viral on Social Media
    • Develop Higher Brand Loyalty Overtime
    • Build Your Brand Authority Online
    • Dramatically Increase Conversion Rates on Your Site

With my help, you can get a lot of this high-quality content in a reasonably short amount of time. I always use top proofreading tools to ensure that the content is readable for both search engines and your readers.


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