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Are you tired of missing out on some of the best opportunities you can get in SEO in the Metro Atlanta market? Then you’ve found the right digital marketing professional for your needs! I can help you increase sales, boost conversions, and much more.

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What is Local SEO in Atlanta & Gwinnett County For?

It’s crucial for any business large or small to show up locally in search results. Local traffic is the best way to start if you have a new business and need to establish a reputation in your area quickly. When your business is found on Google’s map pack or through Google My Business, you can start seeing a difference in the amount of relevant traffic you’ll get to your site.

Why is Local SEO Useful to Your Small Business in Atlanta?

As much as 50% of all your clicks will come from folks searching for your business online in Google and other search engines. That’s pretty huge! On top of that, a whopping majority of these people will convert better than many other digital marketing platforms, techniques, and methods used.

When your business isn’t showing up as high as possible, that can be a real downer on your profits. Don’t let this happen to you. Trust a real digital marketing expert in Atlanta to help you out now!

What Services Do You Offer for Local SEO for the Greater Atlanta Area?

With me, you can expect to get all sorts of help on your local SEO. I can help you with the following based on the results I’ve produced in the past:


Small Business Keyword Research

I’ll go through your major competitors and find underrated opportunities for you to start getting more traffic and sales within the next 6-12 months.

Conversion Tracking

Having local SEO is useless unless you’re able to track the results. That’s why I’ll help you set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and just about everything else you need to keep your website’s local SEO on the right track.

Technical SEO & Website Tune-Ups

I’ve worked with startups, nonprofits, and remote companies using tried and tested technical SEO tactics. From examining schema markup to site speed optimization, I’ve done it all before on WordPress, and given recommendations for custom-built sites too. You will also get a site audit along with a long-term plan & strategy. 

Content Marketing

I know my way when it comes to content marketing and copywriting. Additionally, I provide an analysis on what kind of content you need to create to best capitalize on your long-term SEO game. 

Local Citations

A significant component of local SEO involves submitting your website to dozens of reputable business citation websites. Just send me an email at roberto@robertoseverino.com for more details.

Google My Business Setup

One of the key components to being able to grow your organic traffic and lead generation. That’s why you need to have a well-optimized Google My Business page to give your SEO some incredible superpowers. I can optimize any current ones you have or create a new one from scratch! 

Case Study: Past Local SEO Results for Small Business Website Atlanta, GA

This is just a fraction of what I’ve achieved over the years I’ve worked in search engine optimization and digital marketing. I understand from the ground up the necessary foundations in order to get your local small business seen much more by Google. You have to have an authoritative website with plenty of content Google will eat up, then get your local citations in order on all major sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, and much more! I also make other kinds of pages geared towards attracting as many potential customers as possible, almost like a crab pot. The more pages on your site you have that are relevant to Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines, the more likely you will get more leads on your site. It’s not an instant process, it takes time.

Local SEO is really more like best practices for how your site needs to be for the end user looking for your products and services on Google and other platforms. Sometimes it can take up to 7-8 months just for your site to even start ranking on Google depending on the age of your domain. Then it’s just a waiting game and letting Google do the rest.

Here’s what I mean:

massive seo keyword growth and traffic
massive seo keyword growth and traffic
massive seo keyword growth and traffic

This small business site I made, including all the content and design aspects, took a huge hit over the Summer 2023 as a result of losing our hosting provider for a month. Siteground was the hosting provider I used and I worked with them to renew the plan for an additional year. This happened in July 2023 specifically. When I got it back live back in August 2023, the business had went from over 140 keywords to a paltry 48. By October 2023, the site reached over 600 keywords, with Google Search Console saying the site was now getting over 1300 impressions a day! It took a ton of content creation, a revitalized content strategy that took over a month to fully execute correctly, new Google Analytics tracking and conversion tracking, a new Google My Business page, and tons of promotion on Google and Facebook to get the results you see on the very right, and even that took about two months to start seeing significant changes. And, I fixed Google’s highly annoying Discovered but Not Indexed issues on several pages too. Overall, the SEO was slowly rising, but it wasn’t until I added 70+ citations and tons of new pages where the current results started to build up like an avalanche! You can see the SEO steadily go up prior, but if I hadn’t thought to get very aggressive with my strategy, I wouldn’t have been able to get the results you see now. 

Don’t be fooled by anyone who says they can get you ranked #1 on Google in X amount of time or weeks. That’s not how it is at all, and it’s a bunch of snake oil those people are selling you. At worst, these are people trying to sell you harmful links as a quick fix, but Google always catches onto these schemes and penalizes websites heavily as a result. A real SEO professional will be honest and advise you on best practices and potential opportunities to improve your domain authority for example or some sites or organizations you can reach out to for sponsorships and other promotions, not try to sell you false hope! I am a marketer first, then an SEO and PPC guy. It’s all about helping your business get more traffic, sales, and leads first and get it seen for things that are actually relevant and meaningful to your business, that’s it! 

I can advise you on the best local SEO strategies for your small business, but work is required in order to get these results. If you don’t implement the recommendations given in the consultations I give business owners, you’re not gonna get these results and you’re throwing money away. I want to help you, and I say this so you understand the expectations before getting a consultation from me. I can analyze your website and tell you what you need to do, but you also need to do your part to see a difference.

Local SEO or anything for that matter isn’t magic, and I refuse to work with certain businesses for that reason and based on past experiences I’ve had. At bare minimum, in order to get me to work with you, your site HAS to be on WordPress and then I might be able to help. And if you try to lowball me or pay me for peanuts, I’ll immediately say no to any consultations! I’m done giving out my insights for free and getting nothing in return. You want my help? You need to pay for it, pure and simple! Local SEO for Atlanta businesses is a HUGE investment, think of it that way. When you pay for one of my consultations, you will receive detailed insights on what you’re doing right, and what you could be doing differently with your site in order to generate more business. 


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