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Social media marketing and local SEO go hand in hand. These days, you need to be doing much active promotion of your content to see any dent in increasing your PPC, SEO and internet marketing efforts. Find out how I can help you ramp up your content marketing efforts on big sites like Facebook and LinkedIn!

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How I Approach Social Media Differently

When I work with clients, I always try to focus heavily on developing social media platforms. It’s a big red flag when I see a business that isn’t currently active on social media or even has pages set up yet! It means that that business is missing out on tons of potential lead generation opportunities. I bring these facts up when I speak to these clients and convince them that social media marketing is worth it after all!

What is the Big Deal About Social Media Today?

If you’re not actively promoting your content or website on social media, it’s going to be far more challenging to get the traffic and social media signals that Google loves most. Some SEO people like to downplay the importance of social media marketing, which has always been quite baffling to me as a professional in the field for over two years now!

What Services Do You Offer for Social Media Marketing?

Need helping running or managing your social media campaigns. Well, I have you covered quite well. Here’s some of what I know how to do quickly!


I’ve been active on LinkedIn since 2016, and have seen many trends come and go on the site. However, what has remained remarkably consistent is the way the site is used to promote businesses and useful content that people want to read. I have over 5000+ followers on the website and growing. It has been one of my greatest sources of leads since, with many of my posts getting up to 34 likes and over 3,000 views!

I have LinkedIn connections with major influencers such as John Sonmez (Simple Programmer & the Bulldog Mindset YouTube channel), Matt Tran (Engineered Truth), Tony Guo (RunRex Marketing), Seth Hymes (In Demand Career), Isaac Rudansky (AdVenture PPC), and Brian Dean (Backlinko) to name a few. In addition, I have one of the highest social media selling indexes on the website, ranking in the top 1% of marketing professionals with a Social Selling Index score of 78/100! Pretty wild, right?


It’s also vital for your business to be active on Facebook. With Facebook, you’re able to do so much. You can create ads to target specific demographics, or you can boost posts straight from your company page. I’m the expert that knows how to work with Facebook Ads, set up your company Facebook pages, and much more that I can think of!


Twitter is also one of the biggest social media platforms today. It’s crazy for any business not to be on there, even if they don’t intend on using the account that often. It’s still another page that’s indexed by Google that could draw more brand awareness for your business. It’s a no-brainer also to have a social media presence here!

Here’s Tony Guo’s video about one of the social media posts I made. He’s one of the biggest digital marketing influencers on LinkedIn and YouTube respectively and is the owner of RunRex Marketing and Guttulus Internet Marketing down in Humble, TX. 

I also have experience managing social media pages on Pinterest if you’re interested in me helping you set that up or any other social media platform of your choosing that I didn’t mention here. I just concentrated on the main ones which draw my attention the most, but I’m also open to working with you on Instagram, Snapchat, and more!

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