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Web development and web design is one of those things I’m incredibly passionate about and love doing in my spare time on top of all the content marketing, PPC, and SEO stuff I already do, and I believe it’s crucial for any business to have access to someone who understands its importance especially in the small business space.

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My Atlanta Web Development & Design Services Summed Up

A big problem I see with many websites that are created today is that the marketing aspect is completely missed. There’s not enough focus on getting the sites to load quickly enough on someone’s browser, a huge factor when it comes to ranking for technical SEO and more. Here’s what I currently offer to help tackle these problems.


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How the Process Works for Building Your New Atlanta Small Business Site

How My Process Works

Whenever I meet with a client, I always break down the process of developing a site into the following steps:

1. Business Consultation

I first sit down with a business owner and CEO and pick their brain to find out more about their business, niche, competitors, and much more.

2. Competitor Research & Opportunities

I do market research to see what things the competitors do to draw in the most traffic, conversions, and sales and base my website development process in WordPress around this.

Brainstorming and Idea Sharing

I plan out how the new website is going to be and have another chat with the client to see if I’m on the right track with the ideas that I have in mind. I show them what inspirations I’m gonna use and see if they’re on board with them. If so, then I proceed with making the site, adding all the content in WordPress, and anything else needed!

3. Revision Time

I sit down with the client again and show them what I’ve created so far and get their input on revisions. Then I go back and make adjustments as needed.

Bringing the Drawing Board to Life

Then, I go through and start building out the dev site. I make sure that each page works on all mobile devices too, again, a huge factor to consider with regards to search engine optimization.

4. Deployment

I make sure all the proper plugins have been installed on the website so that nothing breaks. There’s a whole lot more that goes into deploying a site, but I also make sure that the website has been submitted to Google to ensure that it will be ranked quickly in SEO along with installing Google Analytics and hooking up Google Search Console. Then when everything’s ready, I take the site off maintenance mode and push it live.

What Do I Use to Make Your New Small Business Website in Atlanta?

Over the years, I’ve realized that it’s not about how many fancy tools you know how to use. It’s about being able to work successfully with a client and be on the same page. When you work with me, I’m going to be upfront with you on what exactly I’m gonna do. All of my websites are made in WordPress, one of the best platforms when it comes to taking the most advantage of many things you can do to grow your leads and traffic. Google really likes websites that are fast and well optimized, so it makes sense to have your new small business site be on WordPress!

I’ll take care of the tedious work like installing the right plugins, creating sitemaps, setting up Google Search Console, and all these little things that can make a huge difference in the long run. My favorite website builder of choice is Divi because of the flexibility it has. And for web hosting, I’ll use Siteground or Flywheel because I’ve found that they offer very good support and make your websites even faster! A huge ranking factor according to Google. With content, I have additional services for that or you can provide your own and I’ll optimize it the best I can for search engines. Whatever floats your boat there! I also make extra sure that every page on the new website is mobile responsive, which will make your website visitor experience that much better in today’s day and age. 

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